Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Final Major Project

Here are a few images from my intial drawings for my final project as you can hopefully tell my imspiration has came from London!!
More images from last years work, these are from my final project in second year which was about memories and documenting life based for children's wear.  

This project was really personal as i used old images of family members past and present and i was happy with my final outcomes, one of my favourite ever projects.

Some of last years work

 Yes there all french knots in the middle of the sun flower took forever i had four to do!!

These images were from my evolve children's wear collection, i really enjoyed this project and i loved my little birds there so cute!!

Finally a blog!!

Well i have finally got myself round to doing a blog better late than never. Hopefully I will start to get the hang of all this and keep you up to date with what I am doing that's the plan anyways :)