Monday, 18 April 2011

Only one week left of easter!!

I cant believe there is only one week left of easter break!! not that i have been able to have a break ive been none stop busy busy!!
last week I was busy painting out two designs and doing koda traces so there all ready to go after eater although i have set myself a hard task on both of these designs i have decided to hot fix some sparkles on which will take me hours!! hopefully it will all look good and be worth it!!

This week though its all about professional studies as i have a deadline on the 28th!! everyhting is nicely coming together for that tho so i might get another and final design started!!

As you can see i have totally taken up the dinning room opps things are everywhere!

Here is another design that i completed before i broke up for easter and i love this design think it really stands out from others in my collection with the 'sketchy' look!

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